Welcome to Critical Miss Studios!


We are a small development team currently working on a Turn Based Ascii Roguelike in libtcod focused on creating a detailed and immersive Roguelike experience with a high level of graphical polish. Using enhanced lighting, animations and subcell particle system we hope to achieve gameplay that feels comfortable to Rouglike veterans as well as newcomers to the genre.

 Current sprite based title animation.

ascension lantern light
Example of lantern lighting in the dungeon

A strong focus of gameplay balancing involves use of our Real time full color dynamic ray traced lighting system. As you explore the dark dungeon you will find it harder to travel safely and find valuable resources without a light source. Managing light wisely will be essential if you hope to survive!

Find items along the way to help you stay alive on each randomly generated run. Spells and items will provide light, powerful damage effects, and healing capabilities, and full equipment support and leveling will allow you to build the type of character suited to your play style.

Horde based combat is central to the dungeon experience. Expect to find plenty of juice to wet your blades. Combat uses a dynamic timing system to provide an exciting turn based combat style, while intelligent ai and dynamically adjusted difficulty scaling keep you struggling to avoid perma-death.

Modern control scheme feels comfortable and intuitive. Full mouse support provides more natural menu navigation and ranged targetting. Graphics use libtcod subcell resolution in true colors to produce dynamic particle systems and more readable colored text outputs.

Inventory and gear
Full inventory and gear support
ascension dungeon
Prefab dungeon generator, alpha state


Primarily a single player experience, there will be plenty of passive multiplayer elements, with some being more nefarious than others!

Along side procedurally generated dungeons, from fully random, to randomly placing prefabricated rooms, caves and caverns, there will also be hand crafted and scripted rooms and entire levels!

Excited about Ascension?!

Come talk about it on Discord! Join the Ascension server here: https://discord.gg/rxKeE5

Find news about Ascension, discuss it and other assorted Roguelike related shenanigans. Get and give feedback to the devs and all that fun stuff!


7drl project, still in progress

By Noobspanker | March 31, 2020 |

After the hustle of 7drl 2020, we decided to keep our momentum going and tackle the last few things that didn’t make it into the game before submission. Naturally this led to a whole slew of ideas for additional mechanics, ai tweaks, playability improvements, graphics enhancements and such. What started as a quick plan for…

7 Day Roguelike 2020 Submission – 7 days in purgatory

By Noobspanker | March 7, 2020 |

7 day roguelike 2020 is over for us, we have officially submitted our creation which is linked over on our downloads page for all to enjoy! Development began Friday February 29th and finished March 7th. We met a large majority of our anticipated end goals, probably 80 to 90% at a glance compared to the…

7 Day Roguelike 2020 & Current State of Ascension

By Noobspanker | February 28, 2020 |

As with most Roguelikes we are developing the engine alongside the game, trying to design to our needs as they arise. The engine itself has come a long way in a very short time, but in the process had shown us some deficiencies in the way we were designing. Naturally, we are frequently sidetracked by…

Sharing Saturday #1

By GrishdaFish | January 4, 2020 |

I thought that I’d update the site weekly with game news, in the same vein as the Reddit post Sharing Saturday in /r/roguelikedev. This blog will mostly be the same as the post, except I may go into greater detail here and there. Either way, it’ll be a great way to keep everyone informed! Gimmie…

Welcome to the new website!

By Noobspanker | December 29, 2019 |

It’s almost 2020, and Ascension: The Lost Horizon has become a full time development project. We felt the time was right to drum up a little attention and show off some of what we’ve been doing. So now, we have a website! Woo hoo! We will try to keep things up to date here, but…

Particle burst from elemental damage
Merchants offer goods to help you stay alive.
Merchants offer goods to help you stay alive.
Various unique monsters with different characteristics
Various unique monsters with different characteristics
Magical light is brighter than fire!
Magical light is brighter than fire!