I thought that I’d update the site weekly with game news, in the same vein as the Reddit post Sharing Saturday in /r/roguelikedev. This blog will mostly be the same as the post, except I may go into greater detail here and there. Either way, it’ll be a great way to keep everyone informed!

Gimmie the news!

Not a whole lot has happened this week regarding programming. No super cool features outside of last week. Spent some time getting the website going, social media started, writing a few blogs for the website. Which hopefully will have weekly blogs on Sundays.

Spent some time working on the 2020 retrospective. It was nice to see feedback and a lot of positivity.

We did fix a few bugs that have been persisting for a while and tightened up a few features here and there. Our bugs have mostly been input related. With the engine upgrade, mouse input has been very fast and snappy.

The ranged combat prototype has been added and is funtional, which was a large step needed before play testing can begin. Dungeon levels now persist between each other.

But, we did work a lot of design . Specifically character creation, perks, and an engaging level up system. While not completely designed, we’re headed in a great direction. A lot of fun perks incoming! We’ve also outlined our roadmap for the 6/30 alpha release.

All in all, we’ve had a productive week, and I’m excited to start adding in some of the new features we have planned!

Link to the original post, and a link to my comment.

Come and join our Discord, feel free to check out some of our other blogs (new blogs every Sunday!), have a great weekend everybody, and a wonderful 2020! It’s sure to be a good year!

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