As with most Roguelikes we are developing the engine alongside the game, trying to design to our needs as they arise. The engine itself has come a long way in a very short time, but in the process had shown us some deficiencies in the way we were designing. Naturally, we are frequently sidetracked by such circumstance, but we chalk it up to the learning curve… and press on!

We’ve been working hard to improve UI elements capable of expanding our interface design options. We have also begun implementing some of our passive multiplayer features while still focusing on evolving the core gameplay systems. Many of the core systems are already in place and just require additional content and balancing.

Figuring out the optimal state of a constant development game to release is a tricky balancing act, but we’ve set a few development milestones that we would like to achieve in the remaining time frame. Overall, we feel like the game is still on course to be playable by our tentative release date.

We will be using our engine in it’s current state to create our 7 Day Roguelike. This is partly so we can show off some of what Ascension will have to offer, as well as making it easier to transfer some of what we develop for this project back to Ascension. We can’t wait to dive into the competition and see what comes from this year’s 7 Day Roguelike competitors!

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