After the hustle of 7drl 2020, we decided to keep our momentum going and tackle the last few things that didn’t make it into the game before submission. Naturally this led to a whole slew of ideas for additional mechanics, ai tweaks, playability improvements, graphics enhancements and such. What started as a quick plan for a 7 day game jam has become a quickly growing passion project. Looking back just 3 short weeks since the submission, we barely recognized our own game!

Horde combat, monster summoner particle and lighting effect

Along with a slew of visual enhancements from lighting, to particle effects we also added a few barks to liven things up. We’ve added a minimalist hud with some of the basic stats and a couple buttons and some new interfaces to enhance control over your units. We are also working on different types of floor tiles like the lava patch shown above, just to name a few.

In addition to all the in game stuff we’re also working on some 16 bit animations and added a randomly generated main menu demo. Things are coming along really well, and quicker than expected! Check back soon for more updates, and check out the playable demo linked on our downloads page if you haven’t already!

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